Feb. 1st, 2010

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Feel free to meme away.

Have You Ever:

Kissed anyone of your Facebook friends?
Yep, my wife. (how's that for evasion)

Ran a red light?
Sure. Recently? Define recently.

Walked on a moonlit beach?
Yep, lovely.

Experienced love at first sight?
Love, no. Infatuation, yes.

Pointed a gun at someone?
Only in video games. Or a defenseless soda can.

Kissed in the rain?

Kissed on a first date?

Laughed till you peed?
No, can't say that I have.

Swam in the ocean?
Many times, from shore to blue water.

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

Been to a concert?
Many, from a job to fun.

Regretted a relationship?
Sigh. Yes.

Played spin the bottle?
Weird, never have.

Sat on a rooftop?
Yes, many times.

Been in a fight?
A couple grade-school ones.

Got suspended from school?
Never. Detention, but not as far as suspension.

Been in a tornado/earthquake?
I've seen three or four tornadoes and serious waterspouts. I haven't actually been through the cyclone part.

Had a close brush with death?
Yeah, a bunch of them. Lots of stories with each.

Held a snake?
Yeah, snakes are cool.

Made a fool of yourself trying to get a crush to notice you?
Heh, I'm male. Of course.

Sang in the shower?
I'm Pavarotti in the shower. Outside is a different story.

Broken a bone?
Yeah, a metatarsal in my foot in karate class, and a metacarpal punching the roof of my car after a breakup. Both were pretty stupid.

Held someone you love for more than 5 hours?

Wanted someone to ask you out on a date?
Yeah, who hasn't?

Sang karaoke?

Fell asleep at work/school?
No. Felt like it many times, but never did.

Skipped school?
Up until college, no. Quite often in college.

Do you have a crush on anyone?
This will sound all sappy and "awwwww", but I have a positive-feedback crush on my wife.


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