Jun. 4th, 2010

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So, in the middle of cooking a nice roasted chicken for dinner last night, with fresh green beans and a giblet gravy, the stove stops working. And the oven stops. Weirdly, the digital displays all work (the clock, entering the temperature) and the red light even comes on the top of the stove when I turned on one of the burners, just no heat.

I grumblegrumble and unplug the thing and pull the stove out and open the back and prepare to do the Guy Thing (tm) where you stare at it a while and hope that it's obvious (see also: auto repair). I actually have a BS in Electrical Engineering, but I'm all software these days, and it's rare that there's anything macro-wrong in these days of microchips.

I have to say, this was the first time in a long time where opening it up and staring at it actually worked:

From what I can reconstruct, we've been moving the stove around a lot lately (spring cleaning), and that popped the red/hot terminal out of the block, which then probably rested against the neutral and overheated the wire. Today, I went out and got a new range cord, ordered a new terminal block, jury-rigged the power onto that dangling terminal, then electrical-taped-the-shit out of it to keep it from touching anything conductive until the block comes early next week.

I can't believe this went out now, and not in the middle of the dinner party last weekend.

The chicken dinner was ruined and I had to throw out a half-cooked bird. We ordered Chinese.
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Ah, summer.

40 knot winds and daily power outages.


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