Jan. 10th, 2010

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For those playing at home the last few years, I always make a four course Christmas dinner, usually with a theme. Most of my (whew) 10 years on LJ, I've documented the meal.

I just posted the meal this year on FotoCuisine here:

Christmas Meal

The guest list was smaller than most years as both of my brothers and their families were with the in-laws and we didn't have any extended family in the area for once. I liked the concept I came up with (refined, yet budget), but wasn't as happy with this one as I was with the extravaganza of last year's meal, which is on FotoCuisine here.

The braised oxtail puff pastry appetizer was a huge hit, though. It surprised me, as I thought of that one immediately, then worked out the other courses with a bit more sweat. In retrospect, maybe the instant idea hit something primal in myself, which quickly translated to the rest of my family.

Anyway, theme was Christmas on a budget (with as refined as I could come up with) and here it is with Christey's lovely photos:

Braised oxtail puff pastries, with braising liquid reduction sauce:

Classic French Onion soup, with consommé, Georgia sweet onions, crouton, and Gruyère.

Local mahi-mahi with bacon, peppadew, goat cheese sauce, and side of fried sweet potato matchsticks.

Dark chocolate mousse, layered with peanut butter mousse.


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