Nov. 2nd, 2011

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Wow, been almost a year since I've posted here. Life has been a little busy, and I've been taking the shortcut of < 250 words a post on Facebook (not that I post there a lot either).

So, I'm doing this Movember thing for cancer research. Men shave completely, then grow and groom a moustache through the month of November in the hopes of "raising awareness" and raising money for men's cancers. Movember started in Australia, where moustaches are a lot more common. In the States, moustaches alone are rarer than goatees or beards, but I have noticed this year that Movember is starting to get some mainstream press.

If you care to donate, my donation page is at:

I'm not big on the "raising awareness" thing. I don't think there are many people in my circle of acquaintances who would be surprised to learn that prostate cancer exists....or any other cancer for that matter. I'm in this more so that money is raised for cancer research, and I'm willing to make my upper lip look silly if it'll raise a few bucks. It doesn't have to be $100, or even $20. Even a $5 donation is money toward cancer research -- for want of a nail....

I also want to point out that I have no huge hangup about men's vs women's cancers. Any win against a particular cancer is a win against all cancers. I personally feel it is vital to research all types of cancers so that some fundamental link or understanding may be discovered. The end goal is to help make any cancer as common as smallpox. Maybe we'll cure prostate cancer first, maybe breast cancer, maybe thyroid cancer -- it's all a step forward to keeping all humans cancer-free.

The kids and me, before the shave:


Ready for the close-up:

I'll try to make regular posts, so everyone can see exactly how slowly my facial hair actually grows.


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