Apr. 15th, 2010

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A good few days!

In February, I took all my tax stuff and ran a prelim, and it looked like I owed $2100. Tonight I finished the TurboTax thing and it told me I didn't put in the business deduction stuff (Internet Colocation, domain fees, car mileage, travel, stuff like that). Turns out, for the very first time in my 20 year career, I owe $0. Nothing owed, nothing refunded. I'll take it.

Meanwhile, I spent the last two days in Atlanta with my client. Got a lot done, extended my contract for another 3 months, and hit some of my favorite spots to eat. On the way back, I hit the International terminal in the airport because they have had the only decent food in the whole place when I lived there (Atlanta, not the airport, though some months it would be hard to distinguish). There's a new sushi place right off the escalators that was really good. Not only good honking pieces of octopus and tuna, but an eclectic menu -- my entree was duck with portabella mushroom ravioli and white asparagus with a port-chocolate sauce, and a lemon hollandaise. The duck was amazing for an airport, and the ravioli was pretty nice. The port-chocolate sauce was good, but there was only one hidden tiny half teaspoon of the hollandaise, and nowhere near the asparagus. Boo.

On the other hand, they had a great vodka and whiskey bar (and a huge wine list, but I'm oddly not into wine).

Also, in this day and age, I was pretty shocked to see the sushi chefs wielding 10" carbon steel knives. Every customer in the restaurant got plastic knives, but these chefs were holding small swords, and right out in the middle of the restaurant, not behind locked doors. I'm curious if the TSA has some sort of policy about cooking utensils, and if one went missing, if they'd lock down the whole airport.

This last weekend, we were in Tampa Bay visiting family, and my sister had a crab trap that some ex-boyfriend had given her. Since she doesn't live on the water, it was never used and she gave it to me. Before I left for Atlanta, I dropped it in the canal in the backyard, and when I came back -- 5 blue crabs! I cooked them up and they're chilling in the fridge. I see bisque in the future for this weekend.


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